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Quick Dive

Critical review of your business today and your future goals. Get a different perspective on your organization´s Supply Chain processes, structures and people. Where´s your current pain in the chain, where do you want to go?

Meet our Quick Dive methods:

  • Always starting with the C-level to understand objectives and threats
  • Strategy Assessment on SCM
  • Core competency assessment: Which are your core competencies, and do your current operations allow for max support of these core competencies?
  • Leverage workshops, interviews and view controlling data to identify pains in the chain (SWOT, DIVE IN) + recommended roadmap for resolution
  • Our Supply Chain Integration Index shows your level of integration within your supply chains + solutions to resolve disruptions (x-function, x-your current systems and technologies, x-e2e enterprises)

Our value promise: 

Simple, pragmatic and transparent overview of your areas to take action.

Business Transformation

Business transformation is the process of enabling your organization (structures, processes, technologies, people skills) to maximum support your specific company´s targets and core competencies.

Based upon a critical review of your current business, we redesign and create your future value adding business model.

Tomorrows successful businesses will compete with their best supply chain. That requires x-functional process design, chosing the best fit systems solutions, addressing the right measurements and people skills. 

We support you to leave your comfort zone with thought leadership, but also hands-on experience in restructuring and turnaround management.

Always following your big picture, we create a roadmap for your organization to start small and scale fast.

Our value promise:

Value adding business model redesign to leverage value, resilience, agility, and efficiency for your e2e supply chain.

Working Capital & Liquidity

Sustainable Working Capital Optimization (WCO) by implementing a continuous improvement culture and process within your organization.

WCO is the  responsibility of all employees and managers, therefore we define clear targets, KPIs, and assign responsibilities to the key KPI owners.

Meet our WCO methods:

  • Quick wins, esp for turnaround situations, where quick liquidity is needed; leveraged across the entire e2e supply chain
  • WCM as continuous process, etablished with the best fit customized KPI model your your organization
  • Transparent KPI & dashboard management
  • predictive  and preventative Risk Management

Our value promise:

Sustainable achievements by continuous improvement processes; based upon your specific company´s KPI models (to assure WCO and best support of your buiness´objectives) .

Digital Transformation

Stop wasting money on digital silo solutions. Though bringing KI into the game helps to improve certain functionalities, the full utilization of digital success can only be leveraged through entirely integrated digital processes.

Meet our digital transformation methods:

  • Based upon your business transformation model, we design your ideal planning and operation processes. x-functional, x-technologies, x-systems and x-enterprises.
  • Customizing the best solutions for e2e integration, and the ideal open architecture to integrate your existing systems (ERP, IoT, excel,...) with intergrated x-functional planning systems.
  • Implementing what-if scanarios and concurrent planning tools for quick response to incidents and disruptions.

Our value promise:

Customizing the digital model for your specific needs, based upon a clearly defined efficient and effective digital transformation model.

KPI & Risk Management

KPIs and Risk Management go hand in hand. Leading KPIs and what-if scenarios, integrated with a proactive risk management, make your company´s future more predictable.

Meet our KPI & Risk Management methods:

  • We establish a methodology and an improvement process across your e2e business, taking risk evaluation and leading planning figures into account, for early understanding and resolving of upcoming risks.
  • In addition to key relevant standard KPIs, we clearly define KPIs, specifically for your company´s objectives (e. growth, innovation, outsourcing, etc.).
  • We support you to set up an internal KPI model, excluding external factors, for measuring your specific company´s performance.
  • In addition, the KPI model  including external factors, incidents, etc. will be used to gain learnings and derive actions for improved risk managament.

Our value promise:

Best fit KPI and Risk Management to address your specific company´s objectives. Implemented as a contiuous improvement process within your organization.


Specific Services

Our specific services can be integrated within the transformation and WCO services, or selected seperately. Always addressing our commitment to your company´s specific needs.

Meet our specific services methods:

  • EKO (EinkaufsKostenOptimierung) / Procurement Cost Slashing programmes.
  • Outsourcing of products and/or services.
  • Supplier selection & Supplier Quality Management.
  • New job profiles for your future business & digital models.
  • Cost Optimization Valuedesk/Dashboard for Cost Optimization. Implementation and methodology as a continuous improvement process.
  • Quality/Safety Check for your current businesses, and roadmap to resolve and mitigate current deficits.

Our value promise:

Customized solutions for your specific needs, adding high value in terms of cost optimization, quality & saftey improvements, and supporting your transition phases with strong operational managament support.