Our Team - Supply Chain Excellence Alliance

To identify and provide the ideal master-set of skills and expertises for your specific company´s goals or "pains in the chains", Vera Horst has built solid partnership alliances with senior talents from SCM strategies, TQM, Recruiting and System/Technology Solutions.
This ensures tailormade solutions for our clients, with highest personal engagement and highest professional commitment.

We believe in the concept of assigning the best skills and expertise to our client´s specific wants and needs, by selecting the top professionals in the supply chain market - worldwide. 

One face to the customer - comprehensive skill portfolio set up according to your company´s requirements!

Diplom-Kauffrau Vera Horst

Business Transformation leads to Digital Transformation

Diplom Kauffrau Vera Horst (based in Germany & South Africa) is a internationally recognized Supply Chain Management talent with profound expertise in leading global consultancies as well as Top Management Positions, as Director and MD Supply Chain Management. Her business expertise across different industry sectors ranges from FMCG, CPG, Retail, Construction- and Construction suppliers to Chem/Pharm and Health Care.  

Vera takes responsibilities for business & digital solutions for KMUs and Global Trusts. Besides her hands-on experience in managing the entire company supply chain, she is a strong business developer for emerging companies and markets. 

Selected expertises:

  • e2e / x-functional design and implementation of planning processes and systems 
  • Liquidity & Working Capital Management
  • Outsourcing of products and services
  • SC network restructuring; shut down plants
  • SC pre- and post merger-integration
  • Global sourcing across entire EMEA
  • KPI & Risk Management
  • Supplier selection, certification and quality management
  • Business development for emerging markets

Vera has profound expertise in selecting and certifying suppliers across entire Europe, Asia Pacific, and Middle America. Her main sourcing markets in Asia were China, HongKong Malysia, Indonesia, Turkey (Europe & Asia).

Selected success stories: V&B, Atlas, Kronospan, Beiersdorf,  Boston Asia Capital Ltd.; Capital Markets Ltd. Belize; Kellogg, Multicred Europe Investment Corp. Germany, Florimex, KJS, Bahlsen

Recruiting 4.0 for providing the best skills to new supply chain roles & organizations

Nikola Berger
Recruiting 4.0 Expert

Premium Headhunter Nikola Berger (based in Germany & Spain) is a highly experienced recruiting manager, with a clear application strategy - Podcast tool.

Recruiting 4.0: Career – Company – Job – Podcast with in the Exrex FM Channel! Recruitment needs a personal face! 

Nikola gives your career, your company, your jobprofile a voice ! She provides her services for applicants and companies across entire Europe.

Supply Chain Excellence needs superior Recruitment 4.0 !

The circumstances and requirements in each business demand new processes and more sophisticated people roles, but most recruiters still go for specialists in detailed functionalities. That goes for ERP technicians, Supply Chain Planners and other manager´s roles. Still doing it this old way, includes a high risk in e2e supply chain business driven industries, since the focus is only on separate parts of the processes, not on the bigger and future collaborative picture. So many companies are  digitizing outdated structures and processes - following traditional organization forms – and therefore miss to adopt their employees „human capital“ to become x-functional „Process Masters“ – instead of preserving their „silos of responsibility“ .

Future winning teams need to hire these „Process Masters“ to manage  e2e tracking & tracing by borderless integrated processes and technologies - getting highest level of integration throughout the entire supply chain (added value chain) - managing integrated KI/AI technologies in collaborating 4th partie manufacturing and 4th partie logistics.

Nikola supports the Vera Horst Alliance Team in finding ideal applicants for the new defined „Process Master“ roles! Business transformation then gets the complete picture; embracing business processes , structures and people! 

System Solution Partner

Kinaxis delivers unparalleled supply chain agility and resiliency to supply chains across the globe. They are revolutionizing planning across integrated business planning and the digital supply chain with fast, confident decision-making. Kinaxis combines human intelligence with AI and concurrent planning to help companies plan for any future, monitor risks and opportunities and respond at the pace of change. Their industry-proven applications and extensible, cloud-based RapidResponse platform empowers planners, business leaders and IT professionals to know sooner, act faster and remove waste. So they can make the best decisions for their business, their customers and our planet. Decisions that improve the bottom line, make better use of resources and let everyone have better work-life balance. 

Kinaxis always gets significant awards, also recognized as a Leader in the Gartner 2021 Magic Quadrant for Supply Chain Planning Solutions.

The international customer basis ranges across all industries. Selected clients are Honeywell, Ford, Raytheon, Ipsen, Cisco, P&G, Schneider Electric, Pulmuone, Nissan, Extreme Networks, Doka, Yamaha.

The comprehensive business and system solutions, offered by Vera Horst SCM Consulting & Kinaxis, allow our clients to best business transformation, digital transformation, with game changing planning systems.

Gerhard Eastes
Strategic Advisory Partner

TQM, Risk- & Saftey Management is essential to all e2e supply chains

TQM Senior Manager Gerhard Eastes (based in South Africa) has proven his expertise in Quality-, Risk- and Safety Management for over 25 years now, mainly in leading positions within the construction industry.

His current assignment is in the DRC (Kongo), as TQM supervisor for the world´s largest copper mine.

Selected Expertises:

  • Total Quality Management – UNISA (University of South Africa)
  • Supply Chain Quality Advisor.
  • Currently studying - NEBOSH International Diploma in Occupational Health and Safety Management Professional.
  • ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System Implementation Practitioner and Internal Auditor on large scale projects.
  • Integrated Management Systems Auditor. (SHERQ)
  • Management Development Training Certificate.
  • Project Management (Civils, SMPP).
  • Facilitator for Quality Improvement Initiatives.
  • QA/QC Management – (Engineering, Procurement, Construction & Management of Projects)
  • Quality Management System (SHERQ) Auditing and Implementation.
  • Large scale Construction Projects. (Gold, Copper, Coal and Fluorspar mines)
  • Oil and Gas Refinery Projects (Saudi Arabia, CHEVRON / SASOL South Africa)
  • Fabrication Production Management.
  • Large scale Energy generation Power Plants Maintenance Planning

Agile Process Teams (ATP) for enabling platform economies at its best

System Solution Partner

Tracelink is the leading digital platform company for the life science supply chain, bringing houndreds of thousends of pharmaceutical and health care organizations together for the greater good of the patient. Trace Link´s digital solution provides the precision, agility and visibility necessary for all members of the pharmaceutical eco system.

TraceLink is driving Industry 4.0 transformation across global supply chains with an open development platform and a new class of multienterprise supply chain applications. Multienterprise software digitalizes processes between supply network partners and enables data sharing and collaboration across the end-to-end supply chain. Supply chain issue management is a multienterprise business process that has not been digitalized in most organizations. 

Since 2009, Tracelink has been building the world´s largest track & trace network. This powerful Digital Supply Network provides visibility into the path of pharmaceuticals products traveling through the supply chains. The 275.000+ members on the Tracelink network range from pharm companies, contract manufacturers, wholesale distributors, parallel importers, repackagers, third-party logistics, pharmacies, hospitals, clinics and physician offices.

Tracelink and Vera Horst SCM Consulting collaborate  closely, to enable our clients to gain competitive advantages by accessing these eco platform, setting up the ideal business processes, closing integration gaps within their current supply chains, and successfully manage their e2e supply chains. 

Supply Chain Excellence Alliance - your team for your best value chain

Dr. Wolfgang Partsch
Associate Partner

Working Capital Management, Liquidity and SC Strategies for Future Business Models

Dr. Wolfgang Partsch (based in Germany) runs his own consulting business globally; Dr. Partsch & Partners. He  is creator and pioneer of Supply Chain Management and an internationally recognized thought leader in this field. He has played a key role in the development of many innovative Supply Chain concepts. He has a great deal of experience in integrating and coordinating the entire Supply Chain end-to-end (e2e) on an international basis with over one hundred major projects in about 20 countries around the world, leading to performance and profit improvements of several billions of Euros.

Dr. Partsch was Chairman of the Global Supply Chain Network of Ernst & Young, the largest service firm of the world. During this period he developed the Supply Chain practice of E&Y with his team from zero to revenues of over one billion U$ Dollars in less than five years. He still is a “Trusted Advisor” for many Presidents and CEOs, who are seeking his views and judgements for complex operational issues within the entire e2e Supply Chain.

Since 2000 he created and has developed advanced solutions in the rapidly increasing field of Supply Chain Security and Supply Chain Risk Management, where he is an internationally recognized leader as well. Further he developed and executed many initiatives and projects in the fields of “Green and Alternative Energy Solutions”, from the origin of a product until the very end, with the main focus on economic environment protection.

He is member in several Advisory Boards and Partner of companies dealing with Supply Chain Management and “Green and Alternative Energy Solutions” in Europe, USA and Asia/Pacific.  

Cost reduction & optimization as a continuous improvement process

System Solution Partner

Valuedesk combines companywide management of Cost saving and Cost Optimization on ONE platform for upper mid sized companies.

Valuedesks´ mission is to enable midsize companies to etablish sustainable cost saving & cost optimization programmes as a continuous improvement process within their organization.

The integrated approach covers

  • Leverage Workshops to identify cost saving potentials
  • Concept for implementation
  • Cloud based Software platform for transparent cost saving actions and achievements (deskboard)
  • Management and user trainings
  • Coaching and change management

References are Dr. Oetker, Marantec, Phoenix Contact, BHTC, Körber, Teckentrup and further mid sized companies.

The added value for our clients by the alliance of Vera Horst Consulting and Valuedesk, is to provide a quick and transparent Cost Saving Tool to support the field of Working Capital Management.  



Collaborating as a perfect clockwerk: Reliable, sustainable, claiming for highest quality